Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carnival in Louis Armstrong park
This feels like perhaps it
Should be significant or
Could be or
The jazz wheel in
The treme
Is something literary
God am I fucking

This maybe is what
It's like to lose one's mind
To speak in the royal we
Like you're a surrogate
Or a petri dish
I'm so terrified
Of the trappings of

I don't know if I'm
Laughing or crying or
Why I can't be the Cardinal
Why I can rent horses
On Macinac or why
It's so perturbing to be
Grandiose and all
My problems find their
Solution here with
Your head in my lap
Looking out across
The marbled bricks

Raindrops fall like
Dappled slugs I am
Reaching for excuses to use

The treme
A place on television
If someone found me
I hope they'd stage my death
As holding more intrigue
They'd hang me up
Like strange fruit
And pluck me
For some strange purpose

All I can think about is you
All I can think about is being


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