Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tick tock diner and the big watch

running treadmill on the cinema roll
always watching my legs move
and your legs
you want it in
your own tired way
and i'll find my own way
out thank you

every guy thinks they're special
paul says well
they damn well better
lest they find themselves
spladle limbed perpendicular
spread like jam
garnishing the waterfront
we all seep into
the concrete with
particular flavor

and who will clean you
up my dear
as your breasts hang like
christmas baubles
and your eyes wider even
i want to break you
but you hand me
shards and superglue

i only take photos
in the subway
or i leave you out
i can't look
at your wallpaper smiles

on the ferry
when i was young
my father insisted on being
in the picture so i held
the lens to his navel
and he threw that photo away

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