Monday, March 21, 2011

For a Friend

All of us in Madison had the immense privilege of knowing ______ for three brief months, and I’ve never met anyone in my life that got more living done with every waking hour. This book, these pictures, and these videos are our feeble attempt to give back to you a little more time with your brother and son.

When you think of the word “partier,” it can carry with it a lot of negative subtexts – a carouser, a profligate, a seeker of idle pleasures. But ______ was not a seeker of idle anything. ______ was no partier – he was The Party. He embodied the joie de vivre, the social magnet that everyone is drawn to and the elusive feeling that they seek when they draw together. When he worked, he worked his ass off. When he talked, he could discuss literature and his dreams of entrepreneurship in one breath and charm the prettiest girl in the room with the next. He went out late, and he rose probably earlier than any of us would have liked – just ask anyone on the receiving end of one of his early morning adventure plans.

In short, ______ wrung the lifeblood out of each day. I think that God simply decided he was too much for this world, and called him up to the Big Leagues. In his next great adventure, you can bet he’ll be the tour guide, and there’s no one – in this world or the one to come – that I’d rather follow.

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