Sunday, May 2, 2010

The center of the real world

for/from isaiah zagar

somehow a fragment
of mirror is a fragment of energy
I inadvertently
hooked onto the future
by hooking onto the mirror
faces will look
for ever

I desire to change
what our world looks
like feels
like dreams
I'm on art

some people love the wine
some people love the honey
but I love art
some people love the flash
some people love the hash
but I love art
and I make it

out of trash I'll
teach you everything
I know in three days

have I got a building for
you filled with gold
art is the center
of the real world
as I grow older
mood swings emergence
of a quality of luminous consciousness

director of special projects
for the state of eternity
one would like
to have a life
that caused no confusion
said Jasper Johns

it has been necessary
to resort to a new medium
in a new path
investigative journalists
we cry for
them we herald
them we need
them desperately

precise intention
the work
of the insane the
flying monocle the
automatic impulse
a brief
history of
the future the
neighborhood comes
the very essence
of existence

south street is
a garden remember
walking around this
piece of fiction develops
in an intense
spatial dimension the
complex task
of describing an
artist's work yet
also rigorous and
exacting with
a sound academic grounding

i love
you and i don't
care if you know
and with the
fragments you can't
touch me here

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